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Not Your Average Fitness Program

  • 4 weeks daily fitness accountability, 6 days a week

  • Personal relationship with your coach

  • All day, one-to-one support 

  • Help with calorie management

  • Build a routine that works for YOU and YOUR LIFE

  • 4-week FREE trial w/ the Alexia Clark workout program (opt)

  • $10 a day to kick-start your fitness journey and create sustainable habits for successful results!

Let's Get Started!

 Next Cycle begins

august 24, 2020!

Spaces are limited

I'm looking forward to

working with you!


First cycle - $300

Every additional cycle - $175

This is not personal training.  This is not a workout guide.  This is not any kind of fitness program that has been offered before, because this is not about your workout, it's about your life.  Yes, I want you to work out! Yes, I want your workouts to be amazing, but most importantly I want you to make this LIFESTYLE work for you every single day to get RESULTS!


What is Fitness Accountability Coaching?

OnTRACK is a bespoke program based on a personal relationship between you and I. I will check in with your workouts and hold you accountable for your choices EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We can all find a good workout program or join a gym or buy a new healthy eating cookbook, but those things will not work unless you implement them consistently every day. 

Why do I need a Fitness Accountability Coach?

Because trying to change your life for the better is HARD and you shouldn't have to do it on your own.  I have been there and I understand the struggle to stay consistent. It took me until I turned 40 to find the solution: ACCOUNTABILITY. Having someone on hand to help keep you accountable is an amazing tool for really committing and creating consistency with a new routine. You won't believe the difference it makes when you know someone else is checking in with your choices everyday and that you have a dedicated support system at the touch of a button. To make something a priority you also need to be able to talk about it.  Unfortunately not everyone will understand your new priorities, not everyone will care about them as much as you need them to. I will.

Upcoming Events
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You're on your way to getting OnTRACK!


Terms and Conditions / Non Disclosure Agreement

This agreement is entered into by and between Jessica Fordice, her associates and those parties associated with OnTRACK With Jess (collectively hereinafter “Coach”) and _________________ (“Participant”).

WHEREAS, Coach has invested the time, effort and skill into obtaining and inventing certain methods which are incorporated into the services provided to Participant.
WHEREAS, these methods are proprietary and confidential information to Coach and are to remain proprietary and confidential as well as the property of Coach.
WHEREAS, Participant will be made privy to such information, systems, methods and information in participating with Coach which Coach intends to keep confidential and proprietary.
FOR VALID CONSIDERATION, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged herein, the parties agree as follows:
1. By obtaining the services of Coach as your accountability coach(es), you agree that you will be provided with information which is to be kept confidential. As such, you agree not to share, in any manner, the details of your relationship with Coach and/or the plan that is created for your specific situation. The method, system and requirements of Coach comprise “confidential information” belonging to Coach. Such information is the proprietary information of Coach and the means upon which Coach is able to complete her obligations. Participant agrees to keep such information confidential. Sharing such information with any other party, in any manner, is detrimental to Coach and her business. Dissemination of Confidential information to any other party who discloses the same is the responsibility of the Participant.
2. Coach does not claim to be a medical, psychological, nutritional or other expert. Coach does not have any particular certificates, licenses or permits relating thereto. Coach is not a personal trainer. 
3. The Participant understands and agrees that the engagement of Coach is for the sole purpose of accountability as it relates to the Participant’s workouts and diet. 
4. Participant can acknowledge that they are supported by Coach, but not the method, system, or combination of events which Coach provides to assist in the success of the Participant. 

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