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Hi! I'm Jessica

I'm so glad you're here! One of my greatest joys is sharing hope & reassurance that you can do whatever you set out to do with intention and accountability. That's why I'm so passionate about offering this program & excited to be your COACH!


I'm 43, a single mom of 6 kids ages 7-18, native to the Pacific Northwest, kitchen dancer, encourager, sepsis survivor, & lover of all things holistic health & fitness, but it wasn't always that way...

My fitness story ~

I was very active & healthy growing up, but when I graduated college, got married, & started my desk job, my activity slowed way down & my nutrition got out of balance. Intentional exercise was minimal & I gained quite a bit of weight.

Even so, my energy was decent and I wasn't having any major health issues, so I thought I was fine. I was in my early 20s at that time, so I still felt invincible (no offense to anyone in their 20s.) Fitness just wasn't a huge priority for me.

I had my first baby 3 years after I got married, & gave birth to each of my other kids every couple of years for the next several years. Needless to say, I was a very busy SAHM--sometimes it felt like crazytown in my house, but I loved my babies & enjoyed them. However, over 15 years of giving birth, breastfeeding, & taking care of my children, I often put off taking care of myself in ways that I needed most---particularly as it pertained to my health---a very common struggle for moms! I just didn't believe I had time for it. I found myself feeling more and more tired and began having symptoms of inflammation. My ability to push through stress became more difficult. 

Unfortunately, after my fifth baby was born, my hormones crashed & I had an extreme health crisis that took me nearly 4 years, a near-death experience & hospitalization (sepsis), & a lot of doctor visits to overcome. It was a nightmare in many respects, however, the blessing in all of that was I finally learned what my body had been missing & what I needed to do to heal. I also gained a deep compassion for others who deal with chronic illness.


I had my food & rest figured out, but one piece was still missing: EXERCISE.

I tried to establish an exercise routine multiple times, but I was so inconsistent & didn't know where to start. I was discouraged.

In early 2017, knowing my 40th birthday was approaching, I got more serious about finding a workout program I could follow from home. In my search, I found Nikki Gundy's Instagram account & started following her along with a few other moms who had fitness accounts. Seeing their incredible transformations after having children gave me hope that if they could do it, I could, too!

I found a 15-min daily workout challenge and committed for 30 days. This time though, I decided to seek accountability from friends for what I was doing. I was amazed and proud that I got through ALL 30 days without missing a day--all because of accountability. Within a few short weeks, I was noticing my body composition changing and feeling a lot more energy. Soon after, I moved on to longer workouts & circuit training; I created my fitness account on Instagram & found a wonderful online fitness community (shoutout to Alexia Clark & the Queenteam!). Over the last 3 years, the crucial elements for me staying after it have been habit & accountability. 


As with anything you do day-in, day-out, the reality is that there will be days you just don't want to do it or you don't feel you have time. That's why having a plan and someone to help you stay ONTRACK is so important! I wish this coaching program had been available when I was getting started. There is immense VALUE in having a personal cheerleader to check in with every day, all day for support & you won't find this method anywhere else. 



I can't wait to help you reach your goals & watch you SOAR!

let's start this journey together

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